Transferable Witness

NameTransferable Witness
OriginSui Move by Example / Damir Shamanaev
ExampleSui Move by Example / Damir Shamanaev
Depends onCapability, Witness
Known to work onMove


A Transferable Witness is a semi-ephemeral storable witness wrapped into a disposable capability.


/// This pattern is based on combination of two others: Capability and a Witness.
/// Since Witness is something to be careful with, spawning it should be only
/// allowed to authorized users (ideally only once). But some scenarios require
/// type authorization by module X to be used in another module Y. Or, possibly,
/// there's a case where authorization should be performed after some time.
/// For these, rather rare, scerarios a storable witness is a perfect solution.
module examples::transferable_witness {
    use sui::transfer;
    use sui::id::{Self, VersionedID};
    use sui::tx_context::{Self, TxContext};

    /// Witness now has a `store` which allows us to store it inside a wrapper.
    struct WITNESS has store, drop {}

    /// Carries the witness type. Can only be used once to get a Witness.
    struct WitnessCarrier has key { id: VersionedID, witness: WITNESS }

    /// Send a `WitnessCarrier` to the module publisher.
    fun init(ctx: &mut TxContext) {
            WitnessCarrier { id: tx_context::new_id(ctx), witness: WITNESS {} },

    /// Unwrap a carrier and get the inner WITNESS type.
    public fun get_witness(carrier: WitnessCarrier): WITNESS {
        let WitnessCarrier { id, witness } = carrier;

Example for Sui Move is taken from the book Sui Move by Example by Damir Shamanaev.